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What Does the Check Engine Light in my Belleville, IL Vehicle Mean?

check engine light

For some drivers in Belleville, IL the check engine light can be a mysterious thing. Most people know it exists, and seeing it turn on is never a good sign. However, some drivers are unsure of what exactly this light might signal. This little light can be complicated, as it could mean a number of things. Some of these things are quite serious, and others are not serious at all. One meaning could be total engine failure, and at the same time, it could be a loose fuel cap. The problems differ, but the overall knowledge of what it could entail is important to learn for your vehicle’s health.

check engine light

Check Engine Light: What Does it Mean?

When trying to interpret the engine lights meaning, things can get tricky. However, before going into the many meanings, there is a more important question to consider. What do you do when the check engine light turns on? You do not need to pull over and call for towing assistance, as this light usually doesn’t mean anything serious. Usually, the light comes on to warn you of a pending problem, not a total engine failure. What you should do when this light comes on is take your car to your local repair shop to have it checked out. If you are unsure of where to go in the Belleville, IL area, come to us at Rowan’s Tire & Auto.

Understanding Your Check Engine Light

On the more technical level, the engine warning light directly connects to your vehicle’s diagnostics system. This system is the computer that monitors your vehicle’s overall performance and alerts you of any issues that may be looming. This system will try and repair some issues on its own. However, it can run into issues that it is not able to fix. Which is why your Check Engine Light is then triggered on. Your computer also will store a code within its system that reveals the exact problem. A technician or mechanic will have a code reader that allows them to read your vehicle’s diagnostic code. A thing to note is that in most vehicles there is a separate indicator if it is in need of an oil change. This means that your engine light may not indicate this simple of an issue. Please do not try to offset the engine light by pouring oil into the tank. This will not correct your problem.

check engine light

Addressing the Issues

Try these simple solutions when you see the check engine light come on!

  • If your vehicle has OnStar or another service like it, call in to have your diagnostic code red and interpreted remotely.
  • Reduce your speed and load size until you can have your vehicle checked out.
  • Make sure your vehicle’s gas cap is tightened properly. This can be an easy fix to the overall problem.

If none of these seem to be helping make sure to bring your vehicle to the experts at Rowan Tire & Auto Service. We are here to serve the Belleville, IL area, so if your car needs looked at, come to us!

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