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Truck Lift Kits

Step Up Your Game with Suspension Lift Kits And Leveling Kits Installed at Rowan

Love to go off-roading, but afraid to scrape your frame on the ground? Want bigger tires, but know that they won’t fit? The easy solution to your problems would be installing a truck lift kit on your vehicle. This involves the body of the vehicle being detached and reattached to the frame. Truck lift kits provide the following benefits:

  • Greater Clearance
  • Room for Larger Tires
  • Care-Free Off-Roading Experience
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Look
  • More…

Don’t trust anyone with this big job. Make an appointment with the local professionals at Rowan Tire & Auto Service to have your desired lift kit installed before your next off-roading excursion. Our trained and experienced technicians take your vehicle’s specifications into account and ensure a snug fit and a ride that’s as comfortable as the day that it left the factory! Over 40 years of experience with these jobs!