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    Proper wheel alignment is another important part of routine tire maintenance. This service ensures that axles and wheels are properly aligned and turning in the same direction, at the same rate. This also helps maximize tread life while helping to improve handling and performance.  Be on the lookout for these symptoms of poor alignment:

    • Uneven Tire Tread Wear
    • Rapid Tire Tread Wear
    • Vehicle Pulls to One Side
    • Wheel Vibrations at Certain Speed
    • Crooked Steering Wheel When Driving Straight
    • Tires Squealing
  • Unfortunately, wheel alignment is never a DIY job. You need a trained professional at Rowan Tire to properly align axles, tires, and the other components of your suspension systems to factory recommendations. Once the camber, caster, and toe are properly set you could experience:

    • Improved Handling
    • Increased Fuel Efficiency
    • Reduced Wear on Suspension System
    • Even Tire Tread Wear