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Explaining How Your Vehicles Suspension Works

Suspension System

Your Fairview Heights, IL vehicles suspension system consists of three main components. This being the shock absorbers, the struts, and the springs. All of these components can help the control and handling of your vehicle. If you did not have shocks and struts, it will begin to bounce hard, which makes it extremely difficult to drive. Shocks and structs are critical parts that ensure you are operating your vehicle safely. This is because they are designed to help keep your tires on the road, allowing you to control your vehicle.

Shock Absorbers

The shock absorbers work by absorbing the spring, or control the energy, of the springs to prevent bottoming out from happening. This is especially helpful when you hit a pothole, so the bottom of your car does not smash into the ground. The shock absorbers work together with the struts and springs together in order to keep the movement of the vehicle under control allowing it to move around corners, and over bumps safely.

How Struts Help Your Vehicles Suspension

Struts are the structural part of the suspension system that is mounted on the chassis of your vehicle. This also holds the shocks in place. The struts control the suspension and spring movement, which will help keep your tires in direct contact with the road. Strut replacements can be more expensive, but they have a longer lifespan than normal shock absorbers. The most commonly used strut in most vehicles combines coil springs and shocks into one simple unit.

car maintenance

As with all vehicle systems and parts, the shock absorption system and its parts tend to wear out over time and will need to be replaced. Worn out struts and shocks not only affect the performance of your vehicle, but the ride as well. Issues with this system can also contribute to other issues including braking, steering, tire wear, and even alignment.

If you believe that your vehicle isn’t driving smooth due to shock and strut issues, give our team at Rowan Tire a call today. Our team is here to help make sure that your vehicle is driving its best.