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Belleville, Fairview Heights, & O’Fallon, Illinois Automotive Brake Specialists

One part of your vehicle that you’ll want to stay on top of is your brakes. Eventually, your vehicle’s brakes will wear down and need to be replaced. You wouldn’t want to be headed towards a busy intersection when your brakes give out, would you? Make sure you have them inspected by our professionals to ensure you’re always safe and able to stop. Additionally, multiple braking systems help you stop, and we service them all. They include:

  • Disc Brakes
  • Drum Brakes
  • Emergency Brakes
  • Anti-Lock Brakes

Disc Brakes & Drum Brakes

These are the two main braking systems, and all vehicles will have one of them. If your vehicle has drum brakes, a brake shoe pushes against the brake drum, which causes the vehicle to slow down. However, many newer vehicles feature disc brakes that utilize a rotor that is attached to the wheel. A brake caliper pushes the brake pad against the rotor, causing the vehicle to slow down.

What are Anti-Lock Brakes?

Anti-lock brakes are also installed on many newer vehicles as a measure of safety in case of slick or unsafe conditions. This computer-controlled system prohibits the tires from “locking up” in case you start to skid, which helps regain traction and better control the vehicle during hard braking.

Warning Signs of Failing Brakes

  • Strange Noises While Braking (screeching, whining, etc.)
  • Irregular Vibrations or Movements While Braking
  • Loss of Brake Fluid
  • Inability to Stop the Vehicle
  • Increase in Stopping Distance

If you notice things, don’t play with fire; make sure you visit the professionals at Rowan Tire & Auto Service for a complete inspection. They’ll know just what to do and provide the repairs or replacements you need to stay safe while you drive. Over 40 years of experience servicing brakes on vehicles.

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