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O’Fallon, Illinois: The Different Fluid Leaks Coming From Your Car

Fluid Leaks Check In O'Fallon IL

Auto Repair: Determining the Fluid Leaks by Color

Two things tell O’Fallon, IL car owners that their vehicle needs immediate attention: weird noises and auto fluid leaks. Fortunately, it’s easier to diagnose a leak than it is to diagnose the cause of unusual noises. Here’s how you can tell what is leaking by just looking at the color of the fluid leak.

Engine Leaks

Black, Amber, or Brown Fluid Leaks

When engine oil has been recently changed, it will be amber or dark gold. The oil that hasn’t been changed for 3000 miles is usually brown or brownish-black. If you can’t remember the last time you changed the oil in your car, it will probably be black. Also, an oil fluid leak tends to puddle under the middle of the front of your car. Bad connections, deteriorated oil seals or engine gaskets, and oil pan leaks are the most common causes of an oil leak.

Brown, Light Brown, or Yellow Auto Fluid Leaks

When the new, brake fluid is light brown or yellow. Older brake fluid appears darker brown and less yellow. Brake fluid has a slick feel to it, unlike viscous motor oil. If your car is leaking brake fluid, call O’Fallon Auto Repair and Auto Maintenance immediately for the repair of your brake lines, worn brake shoes/pads, caliper problems, or master cylinder leak.

Check Car Fluids for Fluid Leak in O'Fallon IL

Red or Reddish-Pink Fluid Leaks

Power steering fluid is red and usually remains red no matter how old it is. Since power steering fluid resembles transmission fluid, check your vehicle’s power steering fluid reservoir to determine if it is low and possibly leaking.

Orange-Red, Bright Red, or Dark Red Auto Fluids

Transmission fluid is slightly thicker than power steering fluid and feels more like engine oil. Broken seals, degraded drain plugs or pans, and cracks in the transmission fluid line may be reasons for a transmission leak.

Pink, Yellow, or Green Fluid Leaks

Engine coolant (the fluid that is mixed with water and fills up your radiator) is typically pink, yellow, or green. Coolant smells slightly sweet and feels slimy. Radiator cracks and damaged hoses are common causes of engine coolant leaks.

Auto Maintenance and Repair Services in O’Fallon, IL

Simply replacing auto fluids that are leaking won’t fix the leak and will inevitably cause worsening problems that could leave you stranded and needing an expensive tow. Call us today to schedule an appointment for a quick, affordable repair of your vehicle’s fluid leaks.