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Car Maintenance and Service Checklist by Season in Fairview Heights, IL

Car Maintenance

Taking care of your car is important no matter what season it is, but there are different things you need to do depending on the time of year. We’ve put together this seasonal car maintenance and service checklist to help drivers in Fairview Heights, IL, prepare their car for every season.


Spring is sometimes the rainiest season of the year, which is why it’s important as ever to make sure you have a good set of wiper blades on your car during this season. Your next step should be cleaning the underside of your vehicle to remove any dirt and grime and prevent rust. Other things you may want to do in the spring include checking your brakes, making sure all your fluids are good, and cleaning up the interior of your vehicle.

car maintenance

Summer Car Maintenance

When it comes to summer car maintenance, there are a few more tasks you have to take care of to keep your vehicle in good shape. Here are some of the things to prepare your vehicle for summer:

  • Making sure your AC is good to go
  • Checking your cooling system to make sure your engine stays cool
  • Changing your oil and oil filter
  • Inspecting headlights and windshield wipers
  • Have tires rotated and inspected
  • Get your brakes checked and changed if necessary
  • Have your battery tested and replaced if needed
Car Maintenance

Fall & Winter

As far as preparing your vehicle for the fall and winter, the process is mostly the same as summer. However, they have a few extra steps added. You’ll want to do all the same things in terms of making sure your oil is good. You also will want to have plenty of visibility and make sure your brakes are working. Also, checking your tires is a good idea. In addition to that, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for the unique challenges you face during winter. This is a good time to make sure you have all the stuff you would need on a long winter trip, such as tire chains, lights, jumper cables, kitty litter, snacks, and water. Preparing your vehicle for each season isn’t rocket science, but it requires a little effort. As long as you consider these tips and take your vehicle to a professional to have service done, you’ll be good to go no matter what the weather’s like.

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