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Is It Better to Plug or Replace a Tire in Fairview Heights, IL?

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One of the most frustrating things that can happen to you when you’re in a rush or just have somewhere important you need to be is to have your tire go flat or have a blowout. The road can have many dangerous things on it that can damage your tire, requiring you to spend time fixing it. When you fix your tire, you may wonder if it is better to use a plug to patch your tire, or just replace the entire tire. Here will be discussing what the best option is for getting your tires fixed in Fairview Heights, IL.

Tire Plug

Plugging Your Tire

A plug is a malleable rubber that you work into the hole ripped in your tire. This will help to trap the air back inside of the tire. It’s best to only use this solution as a temporary fix rather than a permanent one. These plugs are only useful when you have a small hole in your tire. Generally, the hole needs to be around a quarter inch. It Is also important that when you put a plug in your tire that it is on the tread of the tire and in or close to the sidewalls of the tire.

Replacing Your Tire

While you may not want to replace a tire already when there is so much tread left, it is for the best regarding your safety on the road in Fairview Heights, IL. The tires are the most important part of your vehicle, without them, your vehicle simply could not go anywhere. Determining why you should completely replace your tire is the first step. There are several big kinds of damage that can happen to your tire that would signify it should be replaced.

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If your tire has any sidewall or shoulder damage, it should be replaced. You should also replace your tire if there are any holes larger than a quarter inch, or if the tire has been damaged in a spot it has already received damage. If you find any other signs of severe damage or any tread separations or gashes, it is best to replace your tire. Remember that any kind of tire damage can be dangerous, so it is important to deal with these problems as soon as they show up.

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