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Fairview Heights, Illinois: Auto Repairs for These Engine Noises

Check Car for Engine Noises in Fairview Heights IL

Schedule Auto Repair for These Engine Noises

Hearing noises coming from your engine is a regular part of driving, but when should you be worried about those noises? We’ve put together a list of some of the engine noises you most commonly need to schedule an auto repair for so you can keep your car on the Fairview Heights, IL, roads.

Schedule Auto Repair for These Engine Noises in Farview Heights IL

Whirring or Whining Engine Noises

Some of the most common noises you’ll hear from your engine are whining or whirring noises. These noises have various causes, but most of them should be handled by a professional. Possible causes for a whirring or whining noise in your engine include low power steering fluid, bad alternator bearings, a bad water pump, a bad power steering pump, or a faulty air conditioning compressor. The difficult part is figuring out what’s causing the noise; that’s where a professional is a big help.


While backfiring isn’t always a sign of catastrophe, it is one of the scarier engine noises your car can produce. Backfiring is a popping sound that ranges from fairly quiet to terror-inducing. It may be caused by a slip in the camshaft timing belt or chain, the ignition timing may need to be adjusted or the spark plug wires may be on the wrong spark plugs. If you’ve recently changed your spark plugs and had this problem, it’s a good idea to have a mechanic look over your work to make sure everything is in order.

Common Engine Noises in Fairview Heights IL

Exhaust Noises

Exhaust noises are generally a bit clunkier than some of the other engine noises you may notice. While these problems don’t always require immediate fixes, the sounds can be a nuisance and it’s best to get them fixed ASAP. The most common causes of exhaust noises are either problem with your muffler or exhaust pipe or a crack in your exhaust manifold. If it’s a problem with exhaust pipes, you may simply be able to replace a portion of the pipe to get it fixed. However, exhaust manifolds need to be replaced entirely if you want to keep your vehicle in good shape.

Hearing a strange noise coming from your engine is never a good thing, but you need to know what you’re dealing with so you know how to handle it. If you hear any of these noises in your vehicle, it’s best to take it to a vehicle repair professional in the area.

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