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Why You Shouldn’t Use Mismatched Tires

mismatched tires

You should always make sure that when you replace one tire, you try to purchase a tire that is as close as possible to your existing tires. A matching tire will have the same construction, size, and tread pattern as your existing tires. We never recommend you use mismatched tires unless specifically recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle. This is something that residents of Belleville, IL need to make sure they understand when getting their tires replaced.

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Why Mismatched Tires Are Hazardous

A few ways that drivers will use mismatched tires include using tires with different tread patterns, using tires that are made by different manufacturers, using tires with different sizes, and using tires that are made for different seasons.

Every tire is uniquely designed to perform a specific job, have a specific handling capability, and work together with a matching set of tires. If you use mismatched tires on your vehicle, you can experience unpredictable braking and handling, which can be dangerous in emergency situations.  These mismatched tires can also make your tires wear down unevenly which makes the time that you need to have them replaced sooner than you would expect.

Ideally, you will want to replace all four of your vehicle’s tires at one in order to ensure optimal driving safety and performance. However, it is not always necessary to replace all four tires at the same time. If you only need to replace one of two tires, make sure that you try your best to purchase the same model and brand as the previous tires that you already have. This will ensure that your vehicle’s tires are all equally as efficient.

What If I Can’t Find The Same Tires?

If for some reason you are unable to purchase the exact same tires as you previously did, you should do all you can to ensure that the tires that you do purchase have similar qualities in performance. This includes checking the performance category, load ratings, speed ratings, handling, and tread characteristics.

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Using tires that do not match any of your previous tire’s characteristics should only be an option if you have no other options left. If possible, have the mismatched tires swapped out for a matching one as soon as they are available. Using tires of different ratings and characteristics can negatively impact your vehicle’s handlingin a very dangerous way. This is why it is crucial to avoid doing this if possible.

If you are looking for more vehicle questions, or have a question about mismatched tires, give our team a call. At Rowan Tire & Auto Repair our team is here to help you!