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Temperature Really Does Matter to Tires in Belleville IL

Tire Pressure

When it comes to the weather in the midwest, having a warm summer and freezing winter is the standard for the climate. With this in mind, something that the everyday person may not think could matter is the temperature that is outside affecting their tires or their tire pressure. When you look at other areas in the united states, there are many different types of weather. Some areas are always super warm, and others tend to be on the cooler side throughout the year. Whatever weather you are experiencing, it matters to the tires of your car. If you want to learn more about this, and what tires are best for where you are located, keep on reading.

High Tire Pressure

tire pressure

One of the common things that are affected when it comes to the degree of the weather is how your tire pressure is holding up. What to know about this is that the higher the heat is outside, the more likely there will be an increase. Think of this just like a balloon in the heat. The higher the humidity is, the more the balloon will expand. Tires are made with different types of rubber to help in these certain situations. If you are by chance living in an area that is always warm, you may want to consider looking into tires to accommodate that.

Even with the midwest having cooler winter seasons, summers can be pretty brutal. The heat from the sun can cause horrible friction from your tire to the ground. One of the key reasons why tires blow out during the summer is for this reason. Going back to the balloon, think about it popping when it’s too hot. This can be very dangerous, and lead to scary accidents. Check with your local team members at Rowan’s tire to get the best ones fit for your certain climate.

Low Tire Pressure

On the opposite side of this coin, with the weather being cooler, look for low tire pressure. During the winter months, especially in Belleville Illinois, winter is wicked cold. With this in mind, your tire pressure is going to be at its lowest during this time. This may seem like a good thing, however, tires in this situation can become underinflated. Take into account when you are using a raft at the beach. If your raft doesn’t have enough air inside, you won’t be able to use it at its best. You will sink and not be able to float around on the water. Same for a basketball. Having a ball that is under-inflated means it won’t bounce as well as you can hope for.

Another thing to know about having an under pressure tire is that it can also increase fuel usage, and bring upon more wear and tear to your tires. This can also be very hazardous, especially when driving in conditions with sleet, snow, and ice. Having your tires in the best condition they can be is a smart move, but even smarter when dealing with winter weather. Even with your tire being too low, this can also result in a tire blowout.

tire pressure

One thing to know about your tires is that when talking to our professionals at Rowan’s Tire, we will not lead you astray. If you have any questions about the tires that are currently on your car or wondering if it might be time to purchase new ones, give us a call today!

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