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Tips on your Cars Suspension in Belleville, IL

Cars Suspension in Belleville IL

Things you Need to Know about your Cars Suspension in Belleville, IL

Cars Suspension Repair in Belleville IL

Components of a car suspension include springs, links, control arms, and dampers designed sudden weight transfers caused by making sharp turns. Located underneath cars and trucks, suspension components interact closely with each other to prevent vehicles from bouncing while being driven. Failure of just one suspension part to support the others will cause needs for immediate auto servicing.

4 Signs Something is Wrong with Your Car Suspension

Signs that there Something Wrong with Your Cars Suspension in Belleville IL
  1. Bumpy, Bouncy, Uncomfortable Ride
    When parts of the suspension system wear out, it may feel like you are driving on a rough road when you are actually driving on a smoothly paved interstate. If your car reacts to road bumps by bouncing up and down, that’s a clear indication you should have your shocks replaced.
  2. Drifting When Turning Corners
    Worn-out shocks won’t stabilize your vehicle during turns. This type of suspension failure makes it feel like your car is being pulled off its wheels. Neglecting to replace bad shocks increases the risk of your vehicle rolling over and crashing when making sharper turns.
  3. Tire Treads are Unevenly Worn Down
    If your tires are fairly new and you suspect your car’s suspension is failing, inspect the tire’s treads. Uneven wearing down of tread or small bald spots could indicate the suspension system isn’t supporting your vehicle evenly. Although uneven tread wear could be attributed to other things, it’s always a good idea to have your suspension checked by Rowan Tire and Auto Service in Belleville.
  4. Oily Struts or Shocks
    Shock absorbers stop your car from bouncing and struts provide structural support to stabilize your ride. If either the struts or shocks look oily or greasy, it’s likely a fluid leak is causing them to malfunction. In most cases, leaky struts or shocks should be replaced instead of repaired. Maintaining your vehicle’s suspension system is just as important to extending the life of your car as getting regular oil changes and tune-ups. If you suspect you need new struts, shocks, or other suspension parts, call Rowan Tire & Auto Service in Belleville today to schedule an appointment.
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