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  • Be Prepared For The Cold in Belleville IL

    October 5, 2020
  • Be Prepared For The Cold

    If you travel by car to work during the winter, you know how important it is to prepare for the cold. You’ll spend a lot of time driving slow on Belleville, IL streets due to the bad weather conditions that you encounter. It’s best to start coming up with a game plan that allows you to get back and forth to your place of employment and home without experiencing any issues.

    Ways that you can prepare your vehicle for the cold of the Belleville, IL winter are listed below. The sooner that you winterize your vehicle, the better it’s able to handle the changes in the climate. It’s one less thing you’ll need to think of before the cold sets in for the season.

    Place Emergency Supplies in a Lidded Plastic Container in Your Car

    It’s essential to have the things you need on hand to survive a weather-related emergency inside your car. In addition to warm blankets, you’ll need non-perishable food, water, flashlights with batteries, a power bank for your phone, a well-stocked first aid kit, jumper cables, flares, a rain poncho, and an emergency radio. You’ll be able to preserve your car’s battery life by refraining from turning it on to warm yourself, make a phone call, or get weather updates.

    Winter Tire Check

    Invest in a Good Anti-Freeze Mixture

    Your mechanic will suggest a good product based on the make and model of the vehicle. Keeping a few bottles available in your emergency kit can help you maintain ideal fluid levels between visits to the auto body shop. Once you know of a product that works well for your automobile, you can put the anti-freeze in on your own without any extra effort.

    Make Sure to Refill Wiper Fluid

    Windshield wiper fluid helps clear any substances from the windshield so you can see the road ahead of you. Having all of your fluids topped off is a wise idea because it prevents issues from occurring with your vehicle. You’ll have the right amount of oil, anti-freeze, and windshield wiper fluid for your car to work optimally.

    A Full Vehicle Inspection Identifies Potential Problems Before They Worsen

    Rowan Tire has got you covered. We’ll make sure that your vehicle’s mechanics are sound before you start driving in the winter. Call us for more information and to set up a time to check the tire pressure of your tires. The number to reach us at is 618-207-3247.

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